Instrukcja m-TVGuide


First time using m-TVGuide? Use the built in configuration tutorial by enabling it in the settings tab and then start the add-on, following the tutorial step by step will simplify the setup process.


- Electronic program guide

Provide an electronic program guide for m-TVGuide to display all information regarding programs, without it m-TVGuide will not start. The EPG can be obtained by purchasing a premium account on our website:

Url link to the EPG should be entered in EPG section in m-TVGuide settings. m-TVGuide also supports external EPG.

TV Services

- Playback service

Provide a playback service for m-TVGuide to use. Usually you only need to enter your username and password to login to the selected service. It is also possible to add a M3U playback list from a source or from a local file. These credentials should be entered in the TV Service or Playlists M3U section in m-TVGuide settings.


- EPG url link is invalid message

This usually means that the url link to EPG is incorrect, please make sure you provided a correct EPG url link. You can also try to reset the database in settings in case of multiple startup failures.

- Password for adult channels 

The password is provided in the premium links section at:

(Premium account required).

- Add-on has assigned channels but playback is not starting

Make sure you provided a playback service for the add-on to use, see the services section above. If the playback service is not working, in first hand please contact the television service provider and make sure that the provided service is operational.

- Can't navigate with touch screen

Enable navigation panel for mouse or touch in settings tab.

- Other issues

In the database tab select upload kodi log, the log will be sent to a external server and an individual url link will be given. Please provide the given url link to the mods-kodi administration to get help along with an error/bug in m-TVGuide.


Additional support/discussion about the add-on can be found on our website




Information about main add-on tasks.


● Indicates that the program has timeshift and is available for download.
 Indicates that the program is available for download.

Context menu

- Go to channel
Choose a channel number.

- Programme information
(Shortcut key [ I ] or [ INFO ])
Information from EPG about the selected program.

- Extended information
(Shortcut key [ I ] or [ INFO ])
Extended information from the ExtendedInfo Script plugin for the selected program.

- Remind
Enables reminder notifications when the program is about to start. Reminders can be set for a single program or any occurence of that program name.

- Record
(Shortcut key [ CUSTOM ])
Enables recording or downloading of the selected program.

- Recordings
Opens the saved recording location.

- Channels
Edit the order and visibility of channels.

- Lists
(Shortcut key [ CUSTOM ])
Listings views can be brought up by channel list, now, next, reminders, recordings and search engine.

- Options
Addon settings.

- Favourites
Play favorite channels from other addons.

- Add favorites
Create a list of favorite programs that will be displayed in EPG.

- Add channel
Add stream to a channel available in EPG.

- Remove/Choose stream
Ability to choose streams from favorites or import from different addons.

- Exit
Exit the m-TVGuide addon.

Playing content

- Switch stream
(Shortcut key [ C ] or [ CONTEXT ])
Switch stream by selected priority.

- Programme information
(Shortcut key [ I ] or [ INFO ])
Information from EPG about the selected program.

Gettings started

- Information
(Context menu - Options - Gettings started)

Here you will find more information about the settings of m-TVGuide.




Information about all settings in m-TVGuide. The code in brackets is either the internal setting name or the action that is performed. The instruction inside parentheses explain the preformed action of the setting.

Getting started

- Configuration tutorial [tutorial]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Enabling this setting will activate a tutorial at startup that will simplify the setup process.

- Help [help]
Frequently asked questions and help section.

- Readme [readme]
Information about all add-on settings.

- Credits [credits]
Disclaimer and regulations statements.

TV services

- TV service provider [tvservice_enabled]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Television provider service capable of playing video content.

Playlists M3U

- Playlist M3U [playlist_enabled]
(Enabled, Disabled)
M3U resource capable of playing video content.

Playback settings

- Display name [playlist_display_name]
Enter a display name for M3U resource.

- Source [playlist_source]
Select where to find the M3U resource. The options are: [File path] - A path to an M3U file whether it be on the device or the local network, [Url path] - A URL specifying the location of the M3U file.

- Url [playlist_url]
If location is [Url path] this setting must contain a valid URL for the add-on to function.

- File [playlist_file]
If location is [File path] this setting must contain a valid path for the add-on to function.

- Stop playback while switching stream [playlist_stop_when_starting]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Stop playback while switching stream.

- Prefer HD stream [playlist_high_prio_hd]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Prefer the highest playback quality.

- Priority [playlist_priority]
Select priority of playback service with 0 being the lowest and 11 the highest (0-11).


- Source [source]
(Url, File)
Select where to find the XMLTV resource. The options are: [File path] - A path to an XMLTV file whether it be on the device or the local network, [Url path] - A URL specifying the location of the XMLTV file.


- Automatically assign streams [AutoUpdateCid]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Add actual streams automatically to each program.

- Show only programs with streams assigned [OnlyChannelsWithStream]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Show only assigned streams in the EPG list.

- Auto detect EPG change [UpdateEPGOnModifiedDate]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If there are any changes to EPG on the server it will automatically be loaded into the add-on, else EPG will be renewed when generated days have been terminated.

- Use fast EPG parser [useCustomParser]
(Enabled, Disabled)
More extended information is being ruled out for faster loading times.

Refresh EPG table periodically [refresh_streams]
Refresh the time table periodically to actual program.

- Show channel logos [show_logo]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled program logos will be displayed instead of channel names.

- Show program thumbnail [show_program_logo]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled it will display program thumbnails instead of add-on logo.


- XMLTV file [xmltv_file]
If location is [File Path] this setting should contain a valid path.

- Search for channel logos in [xmltv_logo_folder]
Select a valid path with channel logos, if logos are missing.


- Main [m-TVGuide]
If location is [Url Path] this setting should contain a valid URL.

- Additional [m-TVGuide2]
If location is [Url Path] this setting should contain a valid URL.

- Additional [m-TVGuide3]
If location is [Url Path] this setting should contain a valid URL.

- Select EPG[showforeignChannels]
Provide EPG and select basemap region categories.

- Adult channels [showAdultChannels]
(Enabled, Disabled, password)
Show adult content.

- Vod channels [showVodChannels]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Show video on demand content.

- Timezone UTC [time_zone]

Select local time (Default is set to +01.00).


- Enable add-on autostart [autostart_mtvguide]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled add-on will automatically start when Kodi is loaded.

- Enable automatic channel playback [autostart_channel]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled channel will automatically start playing on startup.

Automatic channel playback

- Last seen channel [autostart_channel_last]
Start playing last seen channel.

- By channel number [autostart_channel_number]
Start playing selected channel by number.

- Adjust timebar (min) [timebar_adjust]
Adjust timebar offset.

- Show service notification [notifications_enabled]

(Enabled, Disabled)
Recieve important system notifications.

Sleep timer

- Enable sleep timer [sleep__enabled]
(Enabled, Disabled)
This setting makes add-on stop any playback if it exceeds a given playback time. If you have that awful habit of leaving the add-on playing live content after you fell asleep this might be for you. It gives extended control over the playback time.

- Timeout value (min) [sleep_timer]
Put add-on to sleep after selected time (minutes).

- Timeout action [sleep__action]
(Stop playback, Exit Kodi, Hibernate, Shutdown)
Decide what action the add-on should preform when timeout is set.

- Enable navigation panel for mouse or touch [touch_panel]

(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled virtual buttons will be shown for mouse or touchpad support.

- Remember list of favorites [categories_remember]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Remember the last used favorite list.

- Set keys [RunScript($CWD/]
Set key shortcuts for different actions.

- Enable channel order by number [channel_shortcut]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled you will be able to select a channel by number and display digits in the EPG.

- Play on select [channel_shortcut_behaviour]
(Don't play, Play)
Decide what action to take when entering a number in the EPG.

- Exit [exit]
(Click twice to exit, Ask on exit)
Select exit type for the add-on.


- Max service startup time (sec) [max_connection_time]
Selected time to startup stream service (seconds).

- Reconnect broken stream [reconnect_stream]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled this setting will try to reconnect a broken stream.

- Max numbers of reattempts [max_reconnect_attempts]
Select the number of tries to reconnect broken stream.

- Reattempt delay (ms) [reconnect_delay]
Waiting time for stream to reconnect if first stream is broken (milliseconds).

- Max stream startup time (sec) [max_wait_for_playback]
Maximum waiting time for stream to connect (seconds).

- Stop playback using navi back button [navi_back_stop_play]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled when a back button is pressed this will stop the playback and return to main screen, else it will work as a picture in picture function.

Fullscreen window size animation

- Enable fullscreen window size animation [start_video_minimalized]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Toggles fullscreen playback for video content. May improve performance on low-end systems.


- Enable OSD [info_osd]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled this setting will display an on screen display when a playback is started.

- OSD display time (sec) [osd_time]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Time how long the on screen display should be shown (seconds).

OSD buttons

- OSD on select [VidOSD_on_select]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled this setting will display a OSD when pressing select button, else a information dialog will show up.

- Shows extra buttons on OSD [show_osd_buttons]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled virtual buttons will be shown in the on screen display for easier navigation.

- Navigating in OSD previous, next program [key_right_left_show_next]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Ability to navigate channels through out the on screen display.

Auto OSD

- Display auto OSD on play [show_osd_on_play]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled on screen display will be shown automatically when playback is started.

- Auto OSD display time (sec) [osd_on_play_time]
Time how long the automatic on screen display should be shown (seconds).

- Show OSD on stream change [osd_on_stream_change]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled the on screen display will be shown on stream change.

- Show service name in OSD [show_service_name]

(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled a notification about the selected service provider will be displayed on playback startup.

Current time during playback

- Display current time during playback [show_time]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Display current time during playback even while OSD is not focused.

- Position [show_time_pos]
(Top left, Top right, Bottom left, Bottom right)
Select position on screen where current time should be displayed.

- Size [show_time_size]
Select size of displayed current time.


- Upload kodi log [RunScript($CWD/, primary)]
Uploads your kodi.log file and returns an url you can post to seek help with an add-on issue. Be aware that this log file may contain sensitive information about your system.

- Clear all reminders... [RunScript($CWD/]
Clears all program reminders.

- Clear all planed recordings... [RunScript($CWD/, clearRecordings)]
Clears all program recordings.

- Export setings [RunScript($CWD/, Export)]
Export and create backup for add-on settings.

- Import setings [RunScript($CWD/, Import)]
Import backuped add-on settings.

- Delete custom streams [RunScript($CWD/, clearCustom)]
Delete all streams that have been manually assigned.

- Clear database [RunScript($CWD/, clearAll)]
Resetting the database will cause losing all settings, might be helpful in case of data have become corrupted.

- Delete database file [RunScript($CWD/, deleteDbFile)]
Delete the database file incase you would like to create a new one, might be helpful in case of data have become corrupted.

- Delete all settings [RunScript($CWD/, deleteAll)]
Permanently delete all add-on settings.


- Install recording applications [download_record_app]
Install necessary applications in order to record playback.

- Record destination [record_folder]
This setting should contain a valid path to your recordings location.

- Use FFMPEG to record RTMP instead of RTMPDUMP [use_only_ffmpeg]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled FFMPEG software will be used to record Real-Time Messaging Protocol, else RTMPDUMP will apply.

- Import RTMPDUMP [rtmpdumpExe]
This setting should contain a valid path to RTMPDUMP software.

- Import FFMPEG [ffmpegExe]
This setting should contain a valid path to FFMPEG software.

- Stop player when recording is started [record_stop_playback]
(Enabled, Disabled)
If enabled playback will be stopped if a recording is started.

- Maximum number of attempts to resume recording [max_reattempts]
Maximum number of attempts to resume recording.

- Delete watched recordings [ask_to_delete_watched]
(Ask, Auto delete, Do nothing)
If enabled a dialog popup will be prompted asking to delete watched recordings.


- Enable Catchup [archive_support]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Should be enabled if there are channels supporting catchup in your M3U list.

Catchup type

- Catchup type [archive_type]
(Default, Shift, Xtream Codes, Append, Disabled)
If enabled it is assumed that all channels support catchup using the selected mode if they do not have catchup tags. In this case the 'Query format string' and 'Catchup window' number of days will come from the add-on settings if needed. If this option is disabled then an M3U entry must have at least a 'catchup=' tag to enable catchup. The options for how to build the catch URL are: [Default] - Use catchup source as the full catchup URL, if there is no catchup source use Append mode; [Shift (SIPTV)] - Append the standard SIPTV catchup string to the channel URL; [Xtream codes] - Build an Xtream codes URL from the channel URL.; [Append] - Append the catchup source to the channel URL, if there is no catchup source using the 'Query format string'.

Catchup stream examples

- Example stream and catchup URLs

If the M3U entry contains a 'catchup-source' tag, then 'default' type should be selected as the catchup will process using a standard format. 









Shift (SIPTV)

Same as append but will automatically try to find the correct string. Supports only utc time.






Xtream Codes







Appends catchup at end of stream string, duration is set automatically by the add-on.






- Query format string [archive_format]

A query format string (provider dependent) allowing timestamp information to be appended to a URL to denote when to catchup from. E.g. `&cutv={Y}-{m}-{d}T{H}:{M}:{S}`, which allows year, month, day, hour minute and second to be inserted to give: `&cutv=2019-11-26T22:00:32`. If the M3U entry using has a catchup mode of 'default' or 'append' and a 'catchup-source' tag is provided in the M3U entry this setting will be ignored.

- Catchup window [archive_reverse_auto]

A number of days into the past in which it is possible to catchup on a programme. Auto mode will read the 'catchup=' tag in M3U list.

Catchup window manual mode

- Catchup window days [archive_manual_days]
Overrides auto mode setting and sets the catchup days manually (maximum 30 days).

- Catchup only finished programmes [archive_finished_program]

(Enabled, Disabled)
When selected from the EPG the current live programme cannot be watched as catchup until finished.


- List future days [listing_days]
Select how many future days to show in listing views.

- List previous hours [listing_hours]
Select how many previous hours to show in listing views.

- Sort list by time [listing_sort_time]
(Enabled, Disabled)
Default listing views are sorted by time then channel.

- Include synopsis in title search [program_search_plot]
When searching for titles, description will also be included. This is what you would expect from most online searches.


- Skin [RunScript($CWD/, SelectSkin)]
Select desire add-on skin to change the appearance.

- Install font pack [skin_fontpack]
Install font pack for selected add-on skin.

- Delete all skins [RunScript($CWD/, DeleteSkins)]
Delete all installed add-on skins.


- Category colours [color]
Select a colour for different category.

- Default colours [color]
Select a colour for default, focus, schedule and recording highlight.


- Update now [UpdateAddonRepos]
Install latest available add-on update from the mods-kodi repository.

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